About Cliffless

Cliffless, based in Amsterdam, was founded in 2014. It's a brand led by me, Dion Kuipers van Velzen in which I offer freelance services, delivering products with a broad vision.


The philosophy behind Cliffless is simple. In today's world, there is a lot of content in circulation. We, of course, want to create something that sparks the viewer's interest and follow up on that curiosity. We have to show viewers that your service/product/brand is different. So I say, let's create a video that suits that message; a thought out, catered, complete product.


In order to get a story or message across that will be remembered, we will need to dive into your story, your motives. To be able to create something remarkable. and see how we can take these three elements of a good product to our advantage; Image, sound and music. I name these individually because I believe the magic lays in the right combination of these three. I have noticed that the progression, emotional impact, and effectiveness of a video will be highly impacted as we see these as equally important. Something a lot of other content out there doesn't seem to benefit from.

And that's what gives Cliffles a remarkable advantage. With a lot of experience in filming, directing and even composing and sound design, Cliffless will be able to make this happen for a affordable price since most of these rolls can be filled in in-house.

Cliffless mainly offers complete products (video's). But is also hired working purely on the directing, composing, editing and sound design on projects. Feel free to call or e-mail about the possibility's.