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I am a freelance video editor, sound designer, music production specialist and composer. I specialise in Virtual synthesizers (VST’s) and foley sound, making any project into something special and unique.


I’ve always known that I wanted to be a filmmaker and more specifically that I wanted to be a director. So, at 8 years old, I started writing, editing and filming with my webcam. I’ve also been passionate about music production for as long as I can remember. Inevitably, combining film and music production soon revealed that seamless integration of music, image and sound is essential to creating a high-quality product. Getting into sound design was the next logical step. In 2017 I received my film degree and I decided to use my wide range of skills and experience to help create unique products. 


Besides focusing on my film studies, I had kept on making music, just for fun. I enjoyed making all kinds of music, giving me experience in lots of styles, tempos and swings. It also gave me the skills required to know what the elements should sound like and what presence they should have on the frequency spectrum. At first, being so diverse in my style of music didn’t exactly help me to break into the music industry, but I valued the fun I was having in mastering the variety of styles and using certain aspects of them. Now, I know this is a strength I use to really make a product stand out through both music, sound and image.