A selection of work i did over the last years.

Words are just words. But putting them in action is the most fun part.

I tried to choose a variety of different kind of styles and roles.


Surfing / travel video - Jonathan van Warmerdam

For this video I composed the music and did the sound design. It really was a challenge to create a composition that would change four times in 2,5 minutes and would feel like one story. There was also no sound recorded for this video so everything had to be created in sound design and Foley. But in the end, everything blended together beautifully. Thanks to Jonathan van Warmerdam  for giving me the freedom to lead the video with the music!

My role: Music composer / sound design
Aftermovie - HOV

This event was during PRIDE Amsterdam located in the Vondelpark. I saw it as a cool oppertunity to capture vibrant colors and cool movements.

My role: Director / Camera / Editing
VOICES DIE." - 2017
Music video - Anne Martha Schuitemaker 

I made this with friends I met at an internship. In the street, right before the office, we heard a beautiful voice coming from an apartment next to us. So we decided to get in contact and make something great together. I took charge over the camera and took most shots myself.

My role: D.O.P / Camera
Campaign video - Matinique

I loved the look of this footage and wanted to know what would happen if I would take some risks, and so I did. Turned out that was just what the client wanted. 

My role: Sound design / Foley artist
Aftermovie - Just Another Nerd

I did this project with Just Another Nerd during my internship. I was asked to make a track for it and do some sound design, on a tight deadline. I was quite happy with the result of the track I composed.

My role: Music composing  / Sound design / Camera
Editorial - The New Originals 

I was called for this project and loved the concept. It was a challenge to completely foley all of the sounds of the first scene as the sound of the set was completely unusable. But I ended up with a lot of fun doing it!

My role: Sound design / Foley artist
Making - off - Just Another Nerd

This is nothing too fancy but I really liked the flow I was able to edit on this one. I was able to get here. It was a shoot for the Fashion brand "Newton Revolution" and I made a small video of the vibes there.

My role: Editing, Camera
Music compositions.

I compose all kinds of different genres under two names, Dematiq

and Cubiqle for practice and for fun, here are some:

Electronic music:

There is a lot more work to see and hear! If you want to know if I did something

specific, please write me a mail and I can send more work over to you!