Sound design

" Agile sound design makes the difference"

Sound design is what glues everything together. Sound is really 50% of the product. With the right approach, custom made sound design will make the product stand out from everything that's out there.

Why is it so important?

Studying film and composing music for different productions I have always noticed the differences between work that's well done, and work that misses the opportunity. The sound design plays an immensely important role for the immersion, progression and sometimes transitions in products. Many people seem to look away from this incredible tool that gives life to lifeless things or accentuates the living things to make it so much more alive.


Most company's don't make sound design a priority, which of course breaks my heart. But also creates opportunities to stand out.

Why choose Cliffless?

About eight years ago I started to take courses and started to learn that it's not enough to add cool sounds to transitions etc. It's a delicate process that makes the product feel so much more real and engaging if done right.


When I started to hear sounds in edits that weren't there (but should) or were there (but shouldn't). That's when I realised my knowledge about processing in music could be a big asset in creating unusual, characteristic sounds with the use of VST's ( virtual synthesisers ) and all kinds of audio software, to accomplish something that hasn't been heard before, or something saddle, that makes a moment in a video so much stronger, and characteristic.


Prime example;

Prime example; OrangeGas: Meet Mandy van den Berg

For this project I did the sound design as well as the music composing. Almost no sound from the set was used, nearly all sounds are replicated, mixed and processed.

Activities Cliffless:

Sound Design | Foley | Music composing | Voice over mixing