A fully custom kick ass sound design, delivered in multiple formats (WAV, MP3, etc.)


I provide outstanding music, which can be fully specialised for any edit, product in a lot of ways.


Let me help you discover new ways to deliver your story. And help you make sure everything works together like a glove.


With a lot of experience in music, video and sound. I know I can give your video that special twist.



In 2009 I started making music and learned a lot about processing and recording. For the last years, I've been using this knowledge to add depth to films, videos and games. I want to surprise the consumer with an experience that suits the image like a glove and pushing the product to something outstanding.



Music and Sound really are fifty per cent of the final product. When we are talking about video but also video games for example. Buying stock music can be a cheap fast solution. But the possibility's in ( for example ) speed, emotion and progression are very limited. How does your video stand out? I make customised tracks in almost any genre, style and format. I use my knowledge as a filmmaker to let image and sound work really work together, as one. And for this i use my studio, which is optimised for sound and music.



My knowledge of music and sound helps me a lot with editing videos. I am constantly thinking about how the image should apply to what is happening in the sound/music I think this really helps me to get a fluent, effective result. I have been working in various editing software over the years. But my specialty is Premiere Pro. I like to challenge myself with totally different projects that I usually do.



My big passion is directing. I have picked up a lot of directing skills in film school. And after all, I went there for that purpose anyway. I write scripts and try to realise them in the most powerful way. I love to work with writers as well.