" My job is done if the viewer doesn't watch a video, but witnesses a compelling story."

Cliffless also offers purely video editing services. Like any phase in film and video editing can make or break the product.


Why choose Cliffless?


After spending nine years on editing fiction and non fiction, I don't see editing as a way to put images together anymore. Editing is almost like creating music. It's about the right mix of rythm, symbolism, context, and aesthetics. Making sure what the viewer sees and hears is what they will feel. Pushing the content's premise using creative ways to reveal context in new, suprising ways. Often symbolic or quite literal. My job is done if the viewer doesn't see a video, but a story.

One of the strengths of Cliffless is that it specializes in image and also audio. That's why most clients combine editing services with sound-design services and sometimes music composing as well. This gives complete control over the narrative and emotion of the content we're creating, but there are many other reasons on why this works well.


Prime example;

Prime example; Aftermovie - House of Vineyard Ball 2019

Even though this project doesn't provide a lot of context it is a good example of my editing in terms of motion, movement and phases. For more contextual examples of my work: check out more work.

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