Abstract Texture



Cliffless also offers purely video editing services. Like any phase in film and video editing can make or break the product.


Why choose Cliffless?


After hundreds of hours spent on editing, I don't see editing as a way to put images together anymore. What drives me, is getting the right sequence of context together, getting the right flow throughout this context, spotting images that not only are aesthetically beautiful but are also fitting in context, in a literal or metaphorical way. With nine years of editing, I am always challenging myself to get the tempo, emotional aspect, and form exactly right.

Most of the clients combine this with sound-design services. There are many reasons why this works well. This way the edit and the sound design can be adjusted to fit each other exactly right. This is more specifically explained here.

But the truth is, I can talk about my style and philosophy as much as i want, but to watch and feel it, will be the only true way to experience it. You can see my portfolio.