" Tight communication with a broad overview"


To be able to make any video with thought behind it, you will need a director. Even for after movies, events etc. Why? Because the director will make sure it all makes sense in the product's complete form. It's the visionary that will know what needs to be done, keeping everything in line to accomplish the desired result.

Why choose Cliffless?

With a lot of experience in directing commercials, short films and music videos, I know what it takes and whom we will need to get the concept from paper to physical reality. Depending on the resources, it will be my job to use the budget as clever as possible to make something great.

The thing that drives me the most, is to dive into stories and find the most efficient, rememberable way to bring this in a concrete video format. Personally I think it's more of a philosophical process than anything. Every product has to be treated in its own matter, in its own way to get the message across properly. With the right context.

The process; concept to content

Depending on if it's fiction, non-fiction, a promotional or branding video I will dive into the "why" of the product. Every product has to tell a tale, and I will need to make sure it will be told properly. So, when I found out the essence of the product we're making, the production process will start. Below you can see a simple overview on the basic acticities I will execute to deliver a piece of content.


Prime example;

Prime example; Cubiqle - Duna (Music driven short)

Duna is a good example of a fully realized and directed film by Dion van Velzen (Cliffless) It's quite an experimental piece, but it shows what can happen if you combine music, sound design, and a visual vision together.