Broken Marble


Music composing

Cliffless offers to compose almost any genre in music imaginable. With nine years of experience in creating almost every genre, there are only a few secrets left. For a proper video, music is a big part of the progression and an emotional undertone of the video.


Stock music is fast and cheap, but is immensely limited in all the possibilities compared to custom made music. It can be changed in progression, tempo, tone and phases according to editing, sound design which opens up a whole layer of creative possibilities.

How costly is custom music?

Of course, it depends on the request. But, since Cliffless is quite literally a one-man-band, the actual costs of the desired product might surprise you. Because of the experience in the past years working with a lot of agency's, the workflow has improved to a fast but thoughtful service. Feel free to send me what you need, and I'll be able to give a accurate estimation on what the costs would be.

What does the process look like?

When I work with clients, mostly they have a general idea of what they would like in terms of style, energy or genre etc. When I get called, I'll take a look at the script and see what I think would work best. Sometimes, it works best to send multiple references, which I will analyze and then create our own concept with these elements in mind. After that, feedback will bring us closer and closer to the desired result.

Is orchestral music also an option?

Like I said before, there are just a few genre's I wouldn't dare to create. Orchestral music is something that inspired me in many ways and surely is also a possibility. It will be created electronically, sometimes combined with custom recordings depending on the budget. To do this, we use the best VST software that simulates the characteristics of all of the instrument of a full orchestra. This way, we achieve an amazingly accurate, and stunning result. If you want to hear an example of this, a selection of my music composing pieces is included in my portfolio page on the button on the bottom of this page.

For more information, please don't be afraid contact me about anything. I'll be happy to answer your questions.